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Monday, August 20, 2018

Mister Ply&Wood has in stock an extensive range of plywood types in thicknesses from 0.4mm - 50mm sheets.

Aircraft Plywood, Appearance Grade Structural Plywood, BB Hoop Pine, Bracing Plywood, CD Plywood, DD Plywood, Exterior Grade Plywood, FormPlyInterior Plywoods, Marine Plywood, Non Structural Plywood, Pallet Grade Plywood, Plysafe NonSlip, Plywood CladdingStructural Plywood, T&G Plywood Flooring, Wall & Ceiling Plywoods, in addition to special order plywood panels and over sized plywood sheets.

All Mister Ply&Wood stores can cut your panel products to size, and deliver your order. Whether it be your home, office or worksite. Ask in store for more details or request a quote via the Cut to Size webpage.  

Click here for further information about plywood veneer faces.

    Hardwood Exterior Plywood Non Structural    Hardwood Exterior Plywood
    Marine Plywoods    Marine Plywoods
    FormPly    FormPly
    CD Structural Plywood    CD Structural Plywood       DD Structural Bracing Plywood    DD Structural Bracing Plywood     Pallet Grade Non Structural Plywood    Pallet Grade Non Structural Plywood

Plywood is used to construct many different items for structural & non structural purposes. Plywood is frequently used in DIY home renovations in addition to trade, commercial & industrial applications. Plywood is often specified by Architects.

Marine Plywood
is available in different species: Pacific Maple BS1088, Fijian Cedar, White Cedar AS/NZS2272 & Mahogany AS/NZS2271/2272. There are other species available on request.

All Mister Ply&Wood Structural Plywood meets strict Australian Standards AS/NZS2269, AS/NZS2271 & AS/NZS2272. Exterior Grade BB Exterior Hoop Pine is a commonly used structural plywood that is available in 4mm - 32mm sheets.

Mister Ply&Wood has an extensive range of structural plywoods; Bracing, FormPly, CD & DD Structural, in addition to various Appearance Grade Structural Plywoods.

Non Structural Plywood is commonly used as a cost effective alternative when the plywood sheet will be painted, like when building a dog kennel. Pallet Grade Plywood is another "not for structural applications" plywood sheet with EE veneer faces.

Many household objects can be easily made from plywood for a variety of uses. The home handy person who wants to do it themselves can build dog kennels, kids cubby houses, letter boxes, desks or work benches. For extra storage you can also build linen, pantry and storage cupboards, shelving and bookcases.  Renovate your home with T&G Plywood Flooring or Wall / Ceiling interior linings. Also re-organise your garage and garden shed, verandah – any room in the house even the front or backyard.

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